Funding information

Funding information

Information on Fees and Funding:

GSE Student Payments

GSE Admissions (Supervision and Funding requirements)

Fees and Funding

Graduate student base funding stipends for the Borgland lab members:


MSc: $25,000

PhD: $27,000


MSc: $26,000

PhD: $28,000

The student pays tuition from their stipend (the cost of tuition depends on whether the student is domestic or international as well as on the time spent in our graduate program).

Thesis-based tuition fees (annual; admitted Spring 2020 or later):

Canadian/Permanent residents: $3465.00

International Students: $8081.04

International students are to receive $4100/year (in the first year of MSc or pre-candidacy of PhD) and $1200/year thereafter from the graduate program. These funds do not count toward base funding.

The stipend may come from an independent studentship award and/or from the Research Supervisor's research grant. Admission to the Graduate Program in Neuroscience includes a commitment from the Supervisor to ensure that each student is supported to the recommended funding level. Exceptions to this policy may be granted under unusual circumstances.

Financial support from personal resources is not acceptable as “funding” for incoming students in the Graduate Program in Neuroscience. The duration of the annual stipend is normally two years for an MSc student and four years for a PhD student.

After the 2.5 year MSc and five-year PhD point, continued funding is at the discretion of the Supervisor. The Supervisor should inform their student in writing (with a copy to the Graduate Program in Neuroscience office) at least six months prior to the end-date of the student's stipend.

Funding depends both on satisfactory academic and research progress, as determined by the Student’s Supervisory Committee, and on the Research Supervisor's continued grant support. Termination of funding for other justifiable reasons must be approved by a majority of the Graduate Program in Neuroscience Education Committee.

Recommended Student Stipends for Award Winners:

Award value Top up on top of base salary

$0-3000 $0 (keep the award in addition to base funding)

$3001-$10,000 $3000 (award goes to base funding + top up)

$10000-$15,000 $4000 (award goes to base funding + top up)

>$15,000 $5000 (award goes to base funding + top up)

See the following for more information the CSM Funding Policy:

GSE funding top up spreadsheet

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